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Mission, vision and strategy of higher educational institution Fizioterapevtika


Higher educational institution Fizioterapevtika is reinforcing the community of professors, researchers, students and other associates and is also striving for its recongition at home and broader in Europe. Its research, education and professional activites is based on the following values:

  • To ensure the highest quality and excellency possible
  • Academic freedom for its associates and students, particulary creativity freedom
  • Ethical and responsible relations between people, society and environment

To stop perceiving physiotherapy only as a list of excersises and procedures, but also as a scientificaly based profession, we have to put effort into expansion of specific knowledge and into development of own standards for practice and education. Therefore Fizioterapevtika has orientated its mission and vision on this particular field. In recent years, physiotherapy has become a dinamic profession, which is rapidly evolving alongside biomedical science. Because of this, physiotherapevtical procedures need to be based on scientific principles, be scientificaly accurate with the ability to be provable. In the EU and broader around the world, physiotherapy has become an academic study with its own research institutions and excellent publications of its findings.


Higher educational institution Fizioterapevtika with its quality programme of education and research is training excellent staff for taking on difficult assigments and work in the field of physiotherapy.


Higher educational institution Fizioterapevtika is becoming a exemplary higher educational institution and is fullfiling its vision primarily by its efforts and care for excellency, both in the educational and research fields. The managment of Fizioterapevtika wants to exceed the expectations of students and society. With its achievements and work, Fizioterapevtika is directed towards business excelency and satisfaction of students, employes and patients.

Higher educational institution Fizioterapevtika will collaborate with different professionals from the field of economy, social-development sphere, medicine, social gerontology and others in the form of research teams and groups. It will research important questions regarding the region in which it will be actively included. Special attention will be diverted towards current questions and problems of social and health care politics, which are connected to physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is becoming more and more recognised in the scientific-research field, where it proves the positive effects of physiotherapeutical procedures on the speed of patient rehabilitation.

In cooperation with domestic institutions (research insititutions and healt care organizations) we will conduct researches, which will analize the state in the Slovene region. Higher educational institution Fizioterapevtika will try to deepen the scientific-research activity and cooperate in projects, which are connected with foreign and domestic research institutions.

The efforts of Fizioterapevtika to fulfill its vision until the year 2020 are based on the following:

  • The usage and adjustment of modern didactical aids, mehtods and forms of teaching in different courses
  • Qualification of students for taking on responsible tasks and for direct work with patients and others, which will contribute to the general development of health care in the region
  • Organizing additional educational courses and encouragment of self-education of professionals and other workers, along side constant following of the discipline both abroad and domesticly
  • Providing excess to the latest available literature, both in the library and online, for students and teachers
  • Constant monitoring of the quality of education, improvment
  • Joining and cooperating in foreign and domestic projects
  • Collaboration of foreign and domestic experts in the educational process
  • Active cooperation with the environment and informing the public about its activities
  • Assuring a firendly and motivational study enviornment both for students and staff

Higher educational institution Fizioterapevtika will fulfill its vision and strategy with clearly set goals in the development of the institution and with concretely set assigments, which are part of the yearly work plan. This activities will also be supported with appropriate staff hiring.

OrganizationVisokošolski zavod Fizioterapevtika / Physiotherapeutica
Organizational typeprivat higher institution, accredited (NAKVIS)
AddressBogatajeva ulica 15, 1215 Medvode
Study locationSlovenska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone number+386 (0)1 361 20 55
Internet pagewww.fizioterapevtika.si
VAT NumberSI17014999
Bank accountIBAN SI56 0201 3025 9697 919 (NLB d.d.)